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Episode 097: I Tied My Sister To The Net: Brett Breitkreuz

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Today’s guest hales from the prairie town of Springside, Saskatchewan.

In the off-season you could find Brett on the golf course or out fishing on the lakes of Saskatchewan. Or you might you find him just as I did, getting a little skating in before heading back to Germany where he plays wing for the Frankfurt Lions.

Brett takes time away from skating to share some of his fondest hockey memories including the time he and his brother tied his sister to the net.

Brett’s stats
Brett on Twitter

Episode 091: Brent Brooks – Big And Slow With Weak Ankles

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Today’s episode features Chapter 2 from Gordon Hunter’s book, “The Older I Get The Better I Was.”

In this chapter radio broadcaster Brent Brooks shares his experiences as a hockey player growing up in New Brunswick. From mashed potatoes to winning the “Jackpot” at a local hockey game, Brent shares his love for this great game we call hockey.

Links: Enter to win a free copy here.
Buy your own copy of the book here.

THOTR090: Gordon Hunter – The Older I Get The Better I Was

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University of Lethbridge professor Gordon Hunter has compiled an Episode 090incredible collection of hockey stories from the Lethbridge area that is sure to entertain.

Gordon was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and grew up on the outdoor rinks of Saskatoon. In fact, it wasn’t until he was peewee age that he had a chance to play on an indoor rink. At the age of 18, he was awarded a Molson Hockey Scholarship which he put to good use by attending the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Being a great fan of hockey stories, Gordon got inspired to collect hockey stories from the Lethbridge, Alberta, area. Since every hockey player has a story, Gordon gives each individual the opportunity to write their own chapter. An absolute must read for everyone fan of great hockey stories.

Links: Enter to win a free copy of The Older I Get The Better I Was
             Buy The Older I Get The Better I Was

Episode 087: Tom Heinrich – Why I Love Hockey

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On today’s episode I share an email from listener of the show MrEpisode 087 Tom Heinrich. Tom lists seven things about the game that he absolutely loves.

I also take time to talk about a time when I met the great Gordie Howe and an email exchange with his son (and hopeful guest) Mark. Stay tuned.

Episode 084: Randy Atkinson – The Great Joy Of Play By Play

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Today’s guest is an accomplished play by play man currently serving the hockey world via the Game Time Radio network. He has a wealth of experience behind the microphone having covered games for the Western Hockey League’s Saskatoon Blades, the Yorkton Terriers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and currently the Notre Dame Hounds.

Episode 084Randy shares some of his fondest hockey memories including a call he once made of an on ice fight that in involved a player that was on the bench and also his opportunity to meet his hockey hero, the legendary Bobby Hull.

Links: Game Time Radio Website

Episode 082: Frank Block – Bullying In Hockey

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In today’s episode my own personal experience with bullying in hockey that led me to quit playing the game. This was not easy for me to share but I felt that I needed to share this story with you.

You’ll also hear another story about bullying in hockey in Ontario, Canada.

If you’d like to connect with me on Twitter I’m at @FrankEBlock, Facebook, by email at info@theHOTrink.com or feel free to send a voice mail using the link on the right side bar.

Episode 081: Christie Casciano – The Puck Hog

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Today’s guest is a news anchor from Syracuse, New York, and is alsoEpisode 081 the author of The Puck Hog.

Christie got her first introduction to the game of hockey after her seven year old son decided that he wanted to be a hockey player.

Christie’s daughter took up the game of hockey as well, and The Puck Hog series chronicles  her children’s hockey journey. 

Christie has relished the opportunity of being a “Hockey mom,” and even writes a column for “Hockey moms” for USA Hockey.

Links: Christie Casciano on Twitter.
The Puck Hog on Facebook.
The Puck Hog website.
Enter to win an autographed copy from the author here.

Episode 080: Craig “Gubba” Geisler – From A Ref’s Perspective

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Growing up on the prairies of Saskatchewan, today’s guest learned how to skate on the ponds of Duff. He ended up playing every position in the game of hockey, including goal.

He would eventually turn his sights towards being a hockey official. On today’s episode Gubba shares some of his fondest stories including the one about the “Slewfoot ref.”

He does a lot of work with the hockey program in the community of Balcarres, Saskatchewan, as well as helping to develop young officials. He’s also now the coach for the Fort Knox Junior B hockey club of the Prairie Junior Hockey League.

His love for the game is infectious.

Links: Gubba on Twitter
Fort Knox website

Episode 079: Bob Baun – Leaf’s Legend

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He scored one of the biggest goals in

In game six of the Stanley Cup Finals vs the Detroit Red Wings Bob suffered the broken leg early in the game, he returned for overtime where he scored the game winning goal which forced game seven in the series which the Leafs won 4 – 0. It was his third of four Stanley Cups that he won with club.

Links: Click here for your chance to win an autographed copy of Bob’s biography Lowering The Boom: The Bobby Baun Story

Episode 078: Scoop Cooper – The Broadstreet Bullies

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Scoop has been covering this great game for many years. In today’sEpisode 078 episode he shares some of his fondest hockey memories including the Philadelphia Flyers winning back to back Stanley Cups, the infamous “They’re going home,” when the Russians left the ice and fond memories of the late Fred Shero.

For more on Scoop you can check out the links below.

Links: Scoop’s website
             Scoop on Twitter

Episode 077: Lou Vairo – USA Hockey Legend

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Today’s guest has had an amazing career. He served has head scoutEpisode 077 for the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team and head coach for the squad in 1984. He has been the coach or assistant coach on numerous national junior and men’s squads including the silver medal winning men’s hockey team at the Salt Lake City winter Olympics in 2002.

He has been the assistant coach of the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devil’s.

In today’s episode Lou shares some of his fondest hockey memories growing up as a young boy in New York and his work in helping underprivileged kids enjoy the game of hockey.

Links: Lou Vairo – USA Hockey website


Episode 076: Dave Eminian – 30 Years Covering The Peoria Rivermen

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When you’re on the media side of the game of hockey you can growEpisode 076 attached to the team that you’re covering. Sometimes the relationship grows to the point that you can become part of the fabric of the team. Such is the case with today’s guest Dave Eminian.

Dave has been covering the Peoria Rivermen for 30 incredible years, 25 of those years working for the Peoria Journal Star. Dave shares with our listener’s some of his fondest memories of covering the Rivermen including being inducted into the Rivermen Hall of Fame.

This acclaimed journalist has even been named AHL writer of the year.

Links: Dave Eminian on Twitter
The Peoria Journal Star website

Episode 075: Jody Anderson – Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy

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Hockey moms aren’t crazy … well, maybe just a little bit. That’s the Episode 075title of the book authored by today’s guest. Jody grew up in the hockey state of Minnesota and she’s the mother of four children and a grandmother to five.

The hockey journey for Jody started when one of her children brought a piece of paper home from school and said, “I want to play hockey, it’s free!” It turns out the first year was free but as all of us know, having a hockey player in the family is nothing close to being free.

That’s where it started. Then one day at work (Jody works for a publisher) her boss said to her, “I want you to write a book or you’re fired.” Her boss was kidding of course, but it prompted her to write one of the greatest collection of hockey stories involving hockey moms.

The book includes a story from Olympian Mike Eruzione  shares about his mom.

Links:Click here for your chance to win an autographed copy.
Hockey Mom’s Aren’t Crazy! website
             Jody Anderson on Twitter
            Buy the book from Jody’s publisher  here
            Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy on Facebook

Episode 074: Brian Propp Jersey Giveaway Winner Is …

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Congratulations to Brooks Fleury of Melville, Saskatchewan. Brooks not only won the autographed jersey but he also received twenty autographed custom hockey cards as well; enough for his whole hockey team.

FYI – I will be taking a break until the New Year to finish some renovations (we were flooded in the summer time). If you haven’t listened to all seventy-four episodes, you can find them all here including episode 001 with cancer victim Luke Boechler, episode 002 & 003 with NHL legend Red Kelly; and the list goes on.

In the mean time, Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2015.

Episode 073: Johnny Bower – Leaf’s Legend

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Today’s guest is one of the greatest goaltenders of all time. He was Episode 073born in the prairie community of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. At the ripe young age of sixteen he joined the Canadian Army to serve in the second world war.

He returned from the war to play junior in Prince Albert before moving on to the American Hockey League where he played for thirteen seasons winning three Calder Cups.

He had some time playing for the New York Rangers but is most known for his lengthy career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, which he didn’t start until he was thirty-three. He played for the Leafs from 1958 until 1969 winning four Stanley Cups including three in a row (1962, 1963 and 1964).

Links: Johnny Bower stats

Episode 072: Dennis Anderson – $10 Figure Skates

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I am super excited to have today’s guest on the show. Not only is Episode 072passionate about the great game of hockey, but he’s also a fan of show.

He used to skate between the wheel ruts in back alley’s and also on the tennis courts that were transformed into hockey rinks in Chicago.

He also shares some of his fondest memories of the game including the time when his family met with Tony Esposito.

Dennis is currently the editor for the Journal Star newspaper in Peoria, Illinois.

Links: Journal Star
             Dennis Anderson on Twitter
             Enter to win an autographed Brian Propp jersey here

Episode 070: Brooks, Jayden, Cole & Kyle – Melville Midget AA Millionaires

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On today’s show we have the privilege of having not one, but four Episode 070guest’s on the show–Brooks Fleury, Jayden Napady, Cole Rathgeber and Kyle Rathgeber. They are teammates on the Melville Midget AA Millionaires.

In today’s episode they share what it’s like to play in Melville, the Melville–Yorkton rivalry, their hockey idols and what they love most about playing the great game of hockey.

Links: South Saskatchewan Melville Midget AA Hockey Club Roster
             Brian Propp Jersey Sweepstakes
             The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show on Facebook
             Frank Block on Twitter

Episode 069: Remembering Jean Beliveau

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On today’s episode we pay tribute to the late Mr Jean Beliveau. He Episode 069played in the National Hockey League from 1952 – 1971, all of which were played for the Montreal Canadiens. He played in 1125 games in the NHL, where he amassed 507 goals and 712 assists for a total of 1219 points.

To my knowledge, no name appears on the Stanley Cup more often than Mr Jean Beliveau–18, 10 as a player and 8 as an executive for the Montreal Canadiens. He won 5 of those Stanley Cups on Montreal’s run of 5 straight. He was also the team’s captain from 1961-1971.

His reputation as a leader both on the ice and off the ice, is shared by our guest’s today as they pay tribute to one of the greatest men that the game of hockey has ever seen.

Links: Fred Poulin HabsAddict.com
             Fred Poulin on Twitter
             Fred Anjema from The Slewfoot Hockey Show
             Fred Anjema on Twitter
             Bob Babinski BobBabinski.ca
             Bob Babinski on Twitter
             The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show on Facebook

Episode 067: Stephen Smith – Puckstruck

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Today’s guest is from Peterborough, Ontario, and is the author of a Episode 067great new book on the game of hockey. The book is called Puckstruck: Distracted, Delighted and Distressed by Canada’s Hockey Obsession.

I won’t spoil the book for you, but I will tell you that one of the amazing stories that Stephen shares with us today on The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show is about Adolf Hitler and that Adolf was actually a huge fan of the game of hockey.

Stephen is also the curator of a wonderful blog which is chalk full of incredible hockey stories and poems.

Links: Stephen Smith on Twitter
             Stephen Smith Blog

Episode 066: Bill Holmes – The High River Flyers

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Today’s guest is the president of a junior B hockey club in the Add subtitle text-3Heritage Junior B Hockey League. The team is the High River Flyers. It’s a team that I have had a very close relationship with, in fact, today’s guest took over the reigns as president after I left High River in 2009.

Trust me, it’s not easy running a junior B hockey club and today’s guest and his crew have been doing a phenomenal job for several years.

Bill Holmes grew up across from the old arena right in High River and shares his fondest memories as a young boy growing up in High River where they’d sometimes sneak into the arena to go for a late night skate.

Links: The High River Flyers website
The High River Flyers on Twitter
The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show on Facebook