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Episode 098: New Jersey Devil’s Damon Severson

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In this off-season conversation with New Jersey Devil’s sophomore defenceman Damon Severson, Damon shares:

  • Blocking Ovechkin’s shot that fractured his ankle.
  • His workout routine.
  • What’s the CN gym?
  • Cooking?
  • Practical jokes.
  • Has he touched the Stanley Cup?

Episode 097: I Tied My Sister To The Net: Brett Breitkreuz

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Today’s guest hales from the prairie town of Springside, Saskatchewan.

In the off-season you could find Brett on the golf course or out fishing on the lakes of Saskatchewan. Or you might you find him just as I did, getting a little skating in before heading back to Germany where he plays wing for the Frankfurt Lions.

Brett takes time away from skating to share some of his fondest hockey memories including the time he and his brother tied his sister to the net.

Brett’s stats
Brett on Twitter

Episode 096: Kwame Mason – Soul On Ice: Past, Present & Future

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Just how far back does black hockey go in Canada? Did you know that there was once a black hockey league in Eastern Canada?

Damon Kwame Mason grew up as a young black boy playing ball hockey on the streets of Toronto. His passion for hockey and for broadcasting has led him to produce the film Soul On Ice: Past, Present & Future.

The film takes you through the history of black hockey in Canada and into the lives of the some of the greatest black hockey players including Herb Carnegie, Georges Laraque, Grant Fuhr and more.

In our interview we go deep into Kwame’s early days and what led him to make this incredible film.

The film will be premiering at the Edmonton Film Festival on October 7th and screening in Toronto on October 15th.

Soul On Ice Website
Soul On Ice on Facebook
Soul On Ice on Twitter

Episode 095: Dustin Sproat – Shnarped

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imageIn today’s episode we go one on one with one of the co-founders of the greatest social media platform for hockey fans and players.

From his early days playing the game of hockey, to being featured on CBCs The Dragon’s Den, Dustin shares it all in this incredible in depth interview into Shnarped!

Links: Shnarped website

Episode 094: Mark Campbell – The Puck Stops Here … Sometimes

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In this episode of The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show, Lethbridge, Episode 094Alberta, media personality Mark Campbell shares his fondest hockey memories.

Among his greatest hockey memories is having the opportunity to play goal (he still can’t believe he volunteered for the position) without wearing a cup!

The stories that Mark shares is from his contribution to Gordon Hunter’s book called “The Older I Get The Better I Was.”

Links: You can get your copy of this incredible book here and by so doing, help support Kidsport in the Lethbridge, Alberta area.

Episode 093: Howard Shapiro – The Hockey Saint

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Episode 093Howard’s love affair with the game of hockey started as a young boy playing hockey in the backyards and streets with his neighbours in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

From the days of making nets out of old 2×4’s and chicken wire, to a love of the game that helped to develop a special bond between himself and his father. Howard shares some of his fondest hockey memories including how his dad had sped from a late night of work to make it to Howard’s late night game, and the memory of them “High fiving” through the glass. That special bond became the inspiration for Howard’s first hockey book titled “Hockey Days.”

That first hockey book led him to write two more books on hockey including “Hockey Player For Life” and his latest book “The Hockey Saint.”

Links: Buy The Hockey Saint
Buy Hockey Player For Life
Buy Hockey Days
Howard Shapiro on Twitter

Episode 092: Gordon Hunter – My Story

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In this episode University of Lethbridge professor Gordon Hunter Episode 092shares his own hockey story from his book The Older I Get The Better I Was.

In Episode 090 Gordon shared the story behind the book (you can listen to it here).  The book is a collection of hockey stories as told by people in and around the Lethbridge, Alberta area.

Links: To get your personal copy of the book you can get it here. Profits from the sale of the book go towards helping children get involved in sports through the Kidsport program.


Episode 091: Brent Brooks – Big And Slow With Weak Ankles

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Today’s episode features Chapter 2 from Gordon Hunter’s book, “The Older I Get The Better I Was.”

In this chapter radio broadcaster Brent Brooks shares his experiences as a hockey player growing up in New Brunswick. From mashed potatoes to winning the “Jackpot” at a local hockey game, Brent shares his love for this great game we call hockey.

Links: Enter to win a free copy here.
Buy your own copy of the book here.

THOTR090: Gordon Hunter – The Older I Get The Better I Was

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University of Lethbridge professor Gordon Hunter has compiled an Episode 090incredible collection of hockey stories from the Lethbridge area that is sure to entertain.

Gordon was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and grew up on the outdoor rinks of Saskatoon. In fact, it wasn’t until he was peewee age that he had a chance to play on an indoor rink. At the age of 18, he was awarded a Molson Hockey Scholarship which he put to good use by attending the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Being a great fan of hockey stories, Gordon got inspired to collect hockey stories from the Lethbridge, Alberta, area. Since every hockey player has a story, Gordon gives each individual the opportunity to write their own chapter. An absolute must read for everyone fan of great hockey stories.

Links: Enter to win a free copy of The Older I Get The Better I Was
             Buy The Older I Get The Better I Was

Episode 089: Mike Morreale – Staff Writer For The

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Today’s guest developed a love for the game of hockey at an earlyOne on one with staff writer  . age growing up in New Jersey. Mike shares what it was like going to his first NHL game with his father at MSG; to watch his dad’s Rangers take on Mike’s team the Philadelphia Flyers.

Mike was one of those kids that would do anything to listen to a late night hockey game, including having a small transistor radio tucked inside his pillow to listen to a broadcast. His dreams were to be a star hockey player or a play by play announcer in the NHL, but it would be his ability to write that would land him a career with the NHL.

Mike’s fondest memories include a chance to be Gordie Howe’s personal guide and a close personal connection he has developed with Duncan Keith.

Links: Mike Morreale on Twitter
             Mike at the

Episode 088: Mark Howe – The Influence Of A Father

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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mark shares some of hisEpisode 088 fondest hockey memories including;


Mark began skating at the age of 2 pushing a chair around a pond and is one of four children born to Gordie and Colleen Howe. Mark and brother Marty played much of their hockey together, from minor hockey to pro.

His professional career began with the Houston Aeros of the WHA where he played not only with Marty, but also with his father who came out of retirement to play with his sons. Mark would go on to play for the New England & Hartford Whalers before making his way to Philadelphia where he played for ten seasons. He finished his career with the Detroit Red Wings in the 1994-95 season.

Mark was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on November 14, 2011. On March 6, 2012 the Philadlephia Flyers retired Mark’s #2.

During Mark’s professional career he played in 1355 games and averaged almost a point per game (combined WHA & NHL totals).

Links: Mark Howe’s career stats

Episode 087: Tom Heinrich – Why I Love Hockey

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On today’s episode I share an email from listener of the show MrEpisode 087 Tom Heinrich. Tom lists seven things about the game that he absolutely loves.

I also take time to talk about a time when I met the great Gordie Howe and an email exchange with his son (and hopeful guest) Mark. Stay tuned.

Episode 086: Garry Van Hereweghe – Legendary AJHL Coach & GM

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Today’s guest is the current coach and GM of the AJHL’sEpisode 086-2
Lloydminster Bobcats. His career in the Alberta Junior Hockey League has been quite incredible, especially if you consider that he never even put on a pair of skates until he was nineteen years old as a member of the Calgary police service.

His coaching career began when his two young boys took up the game. Garry would coach his boys as they progressed up through minor hockey which  led to Garry to an opportunity to serve as an assistant coach with the AJHL’s Olds Grizzlys.

He would eventually make a move to the WHL with the Medicine Hat Tigers and then the Prince Albert Raiders before returning to the Olds Grizzlys as head coach.

Garry would also go on to become the coach and GM of the Okotoks Oilers prior to making his way to Lloydminster with the Bobcats.

Links: Lloydminster Bobcats website

Episode 085: Casey O’Brien – Persistence and Perseverance

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Born deaf, this Ontario born guest developed a love for the game ofEpisode 085 hockey at a very early age. In fact, he started skating before he was able to talk.

From the ponds of Ontario to playing hockey in Europe, Casey shares some of his fondest hockey memories including what it was like to win the RBC Cup as the assistant coach of the Yorkton Terriers of the SJHL.

Links: Casey O’Brien on Twitter

Episode 084: Randy Atkinson – The Great Joy Of Play By Play

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Today’s guest is an accomplished play by play man currently serving the hockey world via the Game Time Radio network. He has a wealth of experience behind the microphone having covered games for the Western Hockey League’s Saskatoon Blades, the Yorkton Terriers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and currently the Notre Dame Hounds.

Episode 084Randy shares some of his fondest hockey memories including a call he once made of an on ice fight that in involved a player that was on the bench and also his opportunity to meet his hockey hero, the legendary Bobby Hull.

Links: Game Time Radio Website

Episode 083: Gregg Pilling – Memorial Cup Champion

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Today’s guest was part of the one of the greatest junior team’s in Episode 083hockey history, the Edmonton Oil Kings, winning a Memorial Cup playing alongside Glen Sather and Pat Quinn.

After finishing is junior career Gregg went on to play in the minors before coming a coach in the minor leagues.

Gregg shares some of his fondest hockey memories including

Links: Gregg Pilling stats

Episode 082: Frank Block – Bullying In Hockey

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In today’s episode my own personal experience with bullying in hockey that led me to quit playing the game. This was not easy for me to share but I felt that I needed to share this story with you.

You’ll also hear another story about bullying in hockey in Ontario, Canada.

If you’d like to connect with me on Twitter I’m at @FrankEBlock, Facebook, by email at or feel free to send a voice mail using the link on the right side bar.

Episode 081: Christie Casciano – The Puck Hog

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Today’s guest is a news anchor from Syracuse, New York, and is alsoEpisode 081 the author of The Puck Hog.

Christie got her first introduction to the game of hockey after her seven year old son decided that he wanted to be a hockey player.

Christie’s daughter took up the game of hockey as well, and The Puck Hog series chronicles  her children’s hockey journey. 

Christie has relished the opportunity of being a “Hockey mom,” and even writes a column for “Hockey moms” for USA Hockey.

Links: Christie Casciano on Twitter.
The Puck Hog on Facebook.
The Puck Hog website.
Enter to win an autographed copy from the author here.

Episode 080: Craig “Gubba” Geisler – From A Ref’s Perspective

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Growing up on the prairies of Saskatchewan, today’s guest learned how to skate on the ponds of Duff. He ended up playing every position in the game of hockey, including goal.

He would eventually turn his sights towards being a hockey official. On today’s episode Gubba shares some of his fondest stories including the one about the “Slewfoot ref.”

He does a lot of work with the hockey program in the community of Balcarres, Saskatchewan, as well as helping to develop young officials. He’s also now the coach for the Fort Knox Junior B hockey club of the Prairie Junior Hockey League.

His love for the game is infectious.

Links: Gubba on Twitter
Fort Knox website

Episode 079: Bob Baun – Leaf’s Legend

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He scored one of the biggest goals in

In game six of the Stanley Cup Finals vs the Detroit Red Wings Bob suffered the broken leg early in the game, he returned for overtime where he scored the game winning goal which forced game seven in the series which the Leafs won 4 – 0. It was his third of four Stanley Cups that he won with club.

Links: Click here for your chance to win an autographed copy of Bob’s biography Lowering The Boom: The Bobby Baun Story