Episode 075: Jody Anderson – Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy

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Hockey moms aren’t crazy … well, maybe just a little bit. That’s the Episode 075title of the book authored by today’s guest. Jody grew up in the hockey state of Minnesota and she’s the mother of four children and a grandmother to five.

The hockey journey for Jody started when one of her children brought a piece of paper home from school and said, “I want to play hockey, it’s free!” It turns out the first year was free but as all of us know, having a hockey player in the family is nothing close to being free.

That’s where it started. Then one day at work (Jody works for a publisher) her boss said to her, “I want you to write a book or you’re fired.” Her boss was kidding of course, but it prompted her to write one of the greatest collection of hockey stories involving hockey moms.

The book includes a story from Olympian Mike Eruzione  shares about his mom.

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