Episode 052: Paul Bruno – The Creator of NHL Real Time Scoring

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Today’s guest is no stranger to the game of hockey. In the year 1991Episode 052 he approached the Toronto Maples Leafs about an innovative idea. The idea was to track key game events such as face-offs won or lost, blocked shots, giveaways and more. The Leafs liked the idea and it wasn’t long before the NHL adopted the idea which is now known as NHL Real Time Scoring.

Paul is also a writer for The Hockey Writer’s website (see link below) and

Part of his work for the Society led him and colleagues Jim Amodeo and Greg Oliver to an interview with the oldest living Toronto Maple Leaf – Wally Stanowski (you can see the video interviews below).

Links: Interview with Wally Stanowski
             The Hockey Writers website
             The Society for International Hockey Research
             Paul on Twitter
             The Metro Prystai Story


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