Episode 049: Archie Henderson – Size Matters

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Due to his size, you might say that today’s guest was almost Episode 049“Forced” to take on the role as “Protector” or “Enforcer.” In fact, in one of his first fights against someone much older and experienced than himself, in just one punch he knocked out most of the teeth of his opponent and also knocked him out cold.

In his first year out of junior while playing for the IHL’s Port Huron Flags, Archie recorded 16 goals and 16 assists in 71 games and a total of 419 minutes in penalties.

In his first NHL game while playing for the Washington Capitals against the Philadelphia Flyers, his never back down attitude was a contributing factor in Washington accomplished something that they had never done against the Flyer’s – WIN!

He has a ton of great stories that I know you’re going to love.

Link: The Metro Prystai Story

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