Episode 026: The Schwartz Family – Mandi

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Rick and Carol Schwartz moved their family to the community of Add subtitle textWilcox, Saskatchewan so that their children could be a part of the Notre Dame hockey experience. All three of their children were avid hockey players – Mandi, Rylan and Jaden.

Things were going well for the family as the kids were moving on to the college ranks. Mandi being the first, went on to play hockey for the Yale Bulldogs.  Then in December of 2008 she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

The cancer had gone into remission for a while and Mandi returned to Yale. The cancer however would return and Mandi came back to Saskatchewan for treatment. The one thing that could save Mandi would be a stem cell transplant. Getting a match is extremely difficult to find – the match would never come.

Here to share their story is Rick, Carol and Jaden Schwartz.

Links: The Mandi Schwartz Foundation


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